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Nicotine pouches are small pouches filled with nicotine and other ingredients that provide a smoke-free and tobacco-free way to enjoy nicotine. They are placed between the upper lip and gum, and the nicotine is absorbed through the oral mucosa.

Using nicotine pouches is simple. Take a pouch from the container and place it between your upper lip and gum. Allow the pouch to rest comfortably in that position. The nicotine will be gradually released and absorbed through the oral mucosa.

Yes!  They are amazing.

Yes! We are planning to launch a few more flavours in the next 12 months. Our club members get to vote on what flavours we should develop and what the flavour profile should be like.

Simple, we cut out the middle man. We produce our own products and that’s why you get factory-direct prices.

The Lumi Nicotine Pouches is a tobacco-free innovation from Scandinavia. The roots of Lumi pouches are in Scandinavia, Lumi in fact means snow in Finnish. You can see the Scandinavian inspiration in our philosophy: clean, modern and minimalist design as well as innovation, transparency and high standards in production and development. The Lumi nicotine pouches are produced in Europe. To check exact manufacturing details, please check the labelling of the tub. 

No, you should not chew or swallow the nicotine pouch. It is designed to be used by placing it between your upper lip and gum.

It is generally recommended to avoid eating or drinking while using a nicotine pouch. Consuming food or beverages may affect the taste and release of nicotine from the pouch. However, if you choose to have a drink, it’s best to avoid acidic beverages as they might interfere with the absorption process.

The frequency of nicotine pouch usage can vary depending on individual preferences and tolerance. It is recommended to start with a moderate usage pattern, such as using one pouch every few hours. However, it’s important to find a balance and avoid excessive use to manage your nicotine intake effectively.

To maintain the quality and freshness of nicotine pouches, it is recommended to store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keeping the pouches in their original packaging and closing the package properly after use can help preserve their flavour and moisture.

You shall always find 20 pouches in the Lumi tub. 

Purchasing, shipping and payment

No: You can only buy Lumi from our nicotine pouch online store. We have cut out the middleman, distributors and resellers costs to provide factory fresh products at a fair price. 

We accept credit and debit card payments, as well as Apple and Google pay  that are processed by our online payment provider PayU S.A.  You can securely save your payment information for easy checkout and hassle-free subscription management. As we use a trustworthy, third party online payment solution, please notice that no of your credit/debit card data is visible or accessible to us.

Yes, we take the security of your payment information seriously. We use industry-standard encryption and follow best practices to ensure that your payment details are protected. Your information is encrypted during transmission and securely processed by a trusted payment provider.

At this time, we do not accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. However, we continuously evaluate new payment options, so please check our website for any updates or changes to our accepted payment methods.

Yes, we strictly enforce age restrictions. You must be of legal smoking age in your jurisdiction to purchase nicotine pouches. By placing an order, you confirm that you meet the legal age requirements. You will also be required to verify your age at the checkout page before placing your order.

Currently, we do not offer instalment plans or buy now, pay later options. We accept payment in full at the time of purchase. However, we regularly review and update our payment options, so please check our website for any changes in the future.

We offer a quantity discount, which is explained in our product page. If you are looking for larger quantities, feel free to reach to us through our customer support.

Yes, we do. Product prices always include shipping. 

When a shipment is made you will automatically receive an email with the tracking number. You can check it as well in your member account profile by choosing section “Orders”.


Our subscription offer allows you to receive regular shipments of our Lumi nicotine pouches at a discounted price. You can choose the quantity of pouches you’d like to receive, and if you want to receive them every month or every two months. By subscribing, you can enjoy the convenience of automatic deliveries without the need to manually reorder each time.

Yes, you can modify or cancel your subscription at any time. We understand that your needs may change, so we’ve made it easy to adjust your subscription preferences. Simply log into your account and make the necessary changes. Please note that modifications or cancellations should be made before the next scheduled shipment.

To manage your subscription log into your account. From there, you can update your shipping address, change your payment information, and view past orders. If you need any assistance, our customer support team is ready to help.

Yes, you can skip a delivery if you have enough pouches to last you until the next scheduled shipment. Simply log into your account and navigate to your subscription settings. From there, you can choose to skip the next delivery. This option allows you to maintain control over your deliveries based on your individual needs.

5 days before every renewal you will receive an email from us with an option to add products to your next shipment. Or you log in to your account and add what you need to your next shipment.

There is no minimum subscription duration. You have the flexibility to choose how long you’d like to subscribe. You can cancel your subscription at any time without any penalties or additional fees. Please notice that you cannot cancel a subscription for a package that has already been shipped by us, you can easily cancel the next one. 

Subscribing to our nicotine pouches offers several benefits. Firstly, you’ll receive a discounted price compared to one-time purchases. Secondly, you’ll have the convenience of automatic deliveries, ensuring you never run out of your favourite pouches. Lastly, by subscribing, you’ll have access to exclusive promotions and early product releases.

No! Shipping is always included in the product price.

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