Lumi nicotine pouches 10-PACK

(31 Customer Reviews)

Lumi nicotine pouches 10-PACK

(31 Customer Reviews)
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At The Lumi Club, we are passionate about delivering expertly crafted nicotine pouches that provide an instant nicotine release and cooling sensation. Each of our five flavours has been meticulously developed to achieve the perfect balance, leaving a neutral aftertaste and a refreshing feeling in your mouth. Our attention to detail is unparalleled. Pouches are made out of exceptional plastic-free material and high quality food grade ingredients. 


Nicotine strengths:

  • 6mg/pouch – our regular strength, recommended for those who try nicotine pouches for the first time.
  • 12mg/pouch – a strong nicotine kick, the most common choise.
  • 18mg/pouch – if you want an intense sensation, like Siberia snus has, then choose our extra strong variation.


Additional information: 

  • Each tub contains 20 pouches.
  • All pouches come in a slim format.
  • Weight per pouch: 0.7 gram
  • Content per tub: 14,6 grams
  • Products are sold in 10 packs (a roll of 10 tubs)

Additional information

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Watermelon, Blue Ice, Forest Fruits, Citrus, Freeze Mint, Mix-Pack


6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Average Rating

31 Review
5 star 91%

4 star 10%

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31 reviews for Lumi nicotine pouches 10-PACK

  1. Kat Donohue

    Absolutely stellar products. Got the mix pack as my first 10 and was blown away by the quality. All the flavours are excellent bar Watermelon, which was a little over powering for my tastes, but can see it being a hit with those that do like the flavour. Glad to have found someone that does Citrus. Plus, I like to do half and half in two tubs so I can get some Minty Citrus flavour. Highly recommend. Great flavours, great buzz, great price! Thanks Lumi Club!

  2. Sam Cobb

    Some flavours are either a bit too sweet, or a bit too synthetic, the citrus really is like a toilet cleaner or sucking on some vape juice. I do like massive burn the mint freeze gives, really know you have it in your upper lip, although the mint ones can get a bit toothpastey, watermelon seems the best all dayer for me, don’t get sick of the sweetness. Pouch quality is fantastic and price is great with 24H free delivery. Looking forward to seeing some new flavours, and I don’t know if it’s even possible with nicotine pouches but some flavours that are a bit “drier” would be good, maybe even a tobacco flavour or something that’s not a big step away from traditional snus.

  3. Alan

    Great product at a great price.
    Really like the forest fruits flavour.

  4. William Burns

    I have been using the 18 mg freeze mint and wow they knock me sideways , alway’s used Siberia before but the kick out of the Lumi 18 mg is mad. I am wondering if I move down to 12 mg will it be enough ?

    • Sandra Kylmakorpi

      Hi William,

      Our Freeze Mint is indeed a hardcore product! It’s not only about the nicotine strength but also its fast release and intensity of the flavour. Choose 12mg/pouch to get more balanced experience. It’s the most common choice within our UK clients, I’m sure it will be suitable 👌🏻

      Sandra from

  5. Nik Trevor Dunmore

    Nice clean looking tub, great feel to the pouch with none of the dust that some have. Great scent and flavour, lasted a long time and great price. I have already started recommending Lumi to other pouch users.

  6. Lawrence Freyne

    Unbelievable quality at a fraction of the store brought price, won’t use anything other than lumi pouches now, also customer service is second to none

  7. Alan Smith

    Absolutely love the quality and freshness of the product, no more shop bought stale disappointment for me. The service and delivery is 1st class, and the price point is bang on. Citrus is rocking for me right now but all the flavours are superb. So glad I took the plunge, signed up for the subscription for even more value and always having fresh available.

  8. Jacques Taylor

    What more can you say other than it’s an absolute pleasure to use these pouches. No more waiting for a week or so for them to arrive from overseas. Absolutely superb product, superb customer service and exceptionally quick delivery. Will continue to buy for a long time to come.

  9. Leon Adams

    Amazing nicotine pouches! Watermelon is my favourite one. Love the discreet branding, fantastic customer care. Option of mix-pack is a great choice for first purchase, try them all and then subscribe to your favourite.

  10. Sara Johnstone

    Amazing nicotine pouches! Great flavours, fast delivery, super good customer care. I can honestly recommend.

  11. Daniel

    Best products I’ve used so far, the citrus being my favourite. Ordering and delivery are easy and quick.

  12. joni Saarinen

    Good value! Great taste!
    Best around, I.M.O

  13. Andy Davies

    I used to buy Siberia as I am quite heavy user and I like strong snus. I struggled to find nicotine pouches that would give me the same nicotine kick and I was sceptical to check Lumi as its 18mg/pouch. I was absolutely shocked when I tried Freeze Mint 18! It has extremely strong nicotine kick, delicious flavour and wonderful smell. I am gladly switching to Lumi.

  14. Carl

    As a value-for-money bargain, I rate this snus highly.

    They are always moist, which is fantastic. Additionally, they are very flavourful, matching the flavour described too. My personal favourites are the Citrus and the Watermelon flavours, as they retain a nice strong flavour throughout.

    Personally, the mint flavour variants make me a bit ill, but I’ve always been very sensitive to strong, minty tastes. These are very strong, minty tastes.

    Delivery is prompt – I put the order in, and once the order was processed it was with me the next day.

    I’m happy to have replaced buying in stores with a significantly cheaper, and better, experience.

  15. John Crone

    Been using Snus and Nicotine pouches for a number of years now and previously used the company operated by Joonas and Sandra. On the opening of Lumi-club I immediately purchased a subscription and was keen to try the product. I opted for the mix pack to try and establish my favourite flavour. The customer service was fantastic with an instant email confirming my order and confirming next day delivery. Lumi-club to my mind will not be beaten on either price or quality. The pouches are excellent and I am continuing to debate which flavour suits me best. This is difficult as they have all been excellent. The pouches are fresh and the flavours hit the spot. Can’t wait to see what flavours are introduced in future. Highly recommended.

  16. Andy Giddings

    Excellent product, being a Suns user for many years and having great difficulty getting it delivered to the UK the Lumi pouches in 18mg really hit the spot. Having tried the other brands often seen in garages and supermarkets non get close to Lumi, subscription set up, thanks guys.

  17. Jeff Nunn

    Can’t get Swedish snus any more, and have tried pretty much every brand and taste. Having found Lumi I won’t look anywhere else. The product is perfect and the quality much better than anything else. Flavours are good and it’s great they’re working on others. Amazingly fast delivery too.

  18. Andrew Raspin

    Tried for the first time with the great £0.99/tub deal (Mixed pack), all pouches are soft and moist – Watermelon is my favourite! This will be my new usual, subscription service is great, and fast delivery. Looking forward to seeing more options in the future!

  19. Kai Adams

    Excellent. Good quality nicotine pouches at a very affordable price with quick delivery. The subscription service is great too. Great job, will be using you from now on.

  20. Henry

    I love blue ice and citrus, 6mg is just a perfect strength.

  21. Edward Bell

    Only tried a couple of flavours from the 12mg mixed pack so far but they are great. Nice moist pouches with good flavour. I’d love a licorice, coffee or peach in the future!

    • Sandra from

      Hi Edward, thank you for your feedback! We’re currently developing several new options, including liquorice, coffee and peach, which are all on the horizon. Our original five flavours took us 18 months to perfect and we anticipate having two to four additional flavours ready in the next 4-6months.

  22. StivB

    Excellent quality and value Snus. Was a bit wary due to the fact it price was so competitive. Glad I gave it a try, good quality pouches (no splits, leaking fibre) Great flavour and nicotine hit. Tubs are well designed too. Signed up and looking forward to my next batch.

  23. Dawid Kujawa

    Price it’s good and product it’s excellent. You have another subscriber for sure. Thank Jonas🙃😆

  24. Linus Nyden

    Being swedish and now living in the UK having tried a lot of different products I found these are as good as it gets. The price and delivery time makes it in matched in the UK for nicotine pouches.

  25. Keaton Darby

    I’ve been using pouches and snus for around five years and have tried most brands. I usually look for offers of around £3 a can, Lumi has stopped me having to do that. The flavours are good, nicotine delivery is fast but not over the top, the price is fantastic and I like the can design very much. Give these a try if you haven’t already!

  26. Zbigniew Strzepek

    Just got mine delivered. 24h delivery, wow. Amazing product, highly recomanded!

  27. Frank Smith

    Price-quality ratio is next level. Great work LUMI.

  28. Eric Geer

    I bought a 12mg mix pack and didn’t expect much because of the price. However, these pods are superb. I’m now a subscriber. it’s a no-brainer.

    I’d give you 5 stars if you added more options for subscription delivery frequency.

  29. Mike

    Pretty sick buzz from the 18mg pouches! Would recommend 6mg ones for the non-regular users. Will be ordering the 12mg one next time myself.

  30. Luke

    I thought there must be something wrong with the product as it is so cheap, but apparently I was 100% wrong as the flavours were amazing. Blue Ice and watermelon were my favourites.

  31. TheGuy31

    Don’t get fooled by low price, these are TOP quality pouches! Love the watermelon and blue ice flavours, great nicotine kick!

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